3 films with a talented actress Winona Ryder, which remained in the shadows

The Crucible


The action of The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. After a group of young girls is spotted at strange occult night gatherings, rumors of witches and deals with the Devil himself spread throughout the city. It is for this reason that a judge comes to the city, who must solve all this.



According to Zoomboola.com, the film Mermaids, directed by Richard Benjamin in 1990, tells the story of an ordinary family, which for some reason is constantly changing their place of living. But why is it like that?


This is a great melodramatic comedy about the life of a mother and her two daughters, who are incredibly different from each other. And the charisma and uniqueness of each of the women in this family are so strong that the viewer is absorbed in every dialogue of the picture. And the drama that unfolds in each of their lives is capable of engulfing many.




A story about the life of Veronica and a school group of girls who run everything, humiliating and beating others. And yes, Veronica is also in this group, but her kindness and gentleness do not allow her to do evil.

But her life changes dramatically when she meets a strange guy Jason, who jokingly offers to kill all the other girls from the school group of bullies. Having supported and agreed, Veronica does not yet realize that the jokes ended at this moment…


Jared Leto without a beard