This is what Hollywood celebrities look like without a beard

Some say, a beard is a make up for men. So, it seems to be true…

Jason Momoa

We are all used to seeing Jason Momoa with disheveled hair and a decent beard, while without all this he looks no worse but a little recognizable.

John Krasinski

These days this actor does not appear in public without a beard, but we remember well how he looked in the TV series The Office.


You have to rewind many years ago to see this rap artist with a clean-shaven face. But it’s still possible.

Kristofer Hivju

It would seem that this actor looks just amazing with this red beard and mustache, but exactly until the moment when a photo of his youth comes across. Good!

Jeff Bridges

This is who should never shave off a beard and mustache. Yes, it is Jeff. No kidding.

Zach Galifianakis

This actor, known all over the world for his comedic roles, looks pretty cute and inconspicuous without facial hair. And it’s good that he decided to wear a beard.

Will Smith

Little changes when this actor shaves off his beard and mustache. He’s pretty damn good in our opinion.

Jared Leto

This actor has an amazing appearance, and it does not matter at all whether he has a beard or not. He is in any case perfection itself!

Sean Bean

Remember Boromir from The Lord of the Rings? Yes, in real life he looks like that.

Kit Harington

Kit was a young 24-year-old boy when he was cast on Game of Thrones and has since grown accustomed to a beard.