A close friend of the Dukes of Sussex told the truth about their life after giving up royal powers

British journalist Tom Bradby, who accompanied the Sussexes on various trips, has become a participant in the Love Your Weekend program, a new issue of which will soon appear on the screens. In it, a friend of Harry and Megan said that after giving up their powers, the spouses feel much better than before: they are happy with what they are doing at the moment.

However, according to Tom, there is still something that darkens the joy of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II – the relationship with his family. “I think he is heartbroken because of the situation with his relatives. You don’t need to know about it, but I think so, ”the journalist revealed in an interview, adding that for all Windsors, the past year has been rather difficult.

According to Bradby, the decision of Harry and Meghan became painful for each of them and it was difficult for many to come to terms with him. The journalist said that the step of the dukes was unprecedented: no one voluntarily ever renounced royal powers and did not leave the family. “It is unclear how this will all develop further,” admitted Tom.