4 actors who were brought back to the cinema using computer graphics

Brandon Lee

Movie: “The Crow”

The leading actor died tragically during the filming process. Not all the scenes were filmed with the actor, and the film could simply be turned off. The director was able to defend “The Crow“.

In memory of the excellent actor and the son of the legendary Bruce Lee, it was decided to complete the missing fragments using graphics. The film is excellent, and the scenes where Brandon is played by another actor are not at all striking.

Oliver Reed

Movie: “Gladiator”

The performer of the secondary role as Antonius Proximo did not live to see the final stage of filming. His character still had to appear at a key moment and give instructions to the main character. This is where graphics came to Ridley Scott’s aid.

Paul Walker

Movie: “Furious 7”

Paul Walker died while filming the seventh Furious. In memory of the actor, it was decided not to interrupt his storyline in mid-sentence, but to create an impressive ending for his hero. His hero was played by his younger brother, and then his face was “edited” using computer technology.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Movie: “Terminator Salvation”

It’s no secret that the Terminator franchise hasn’t had anything worthwhile since the second part. And this, for a moment, was almost 30 years ago. Movies about cyborgs from the future are still being released with enviable regularity. The quality of these creations does not tolerate any criticism.

In one of the films, the authors were so foolish with chronology and time travel that they needed a young Schwarzenegger. The producers decided not to do makeup for old Arnie, but to draw his famous hero on a computer.

But it is not easy to draw, and fill the scenes with him with the maximum number of references to the first film. They got references, but no graphics.