Actors who starred inebriated

James Franco and Seth Rogen

In 2008, the actors starred in the film Pineapple Express, whose characters smoke weed. It turned out that to get into the role, the actors themselves smoked.

Jack Nicholson

On the set of the tape Easy Rider (1969), the actor and his colleagues were more than once distracted from the shooting to smoke a joint.

Robert Downey Jr.

The actor has not used alcohol or drugs since 2003. But in 1995, on the set of Home for the Holidays, he smoked not just weed, but something stronger.

Nicolas Cage

Many years after filming Leaving Las Vegas, the actor admitted, “I rarely drank during filming. But this character needed to be credible, so in some scenes, I had to drink.”

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

“We could barely stay on our feet,” Pitt described shooting a golf game a few years after the release of Fight Club (1999).

Richard Burton

“I don’t drink on set,” Burton assured director Andrew Sinclair while filming Under Milk Wood (1972). – That means a bottle of vodka a day. After two I am sober, and I get drunk on the third.”

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

While filming The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the cast had a party with the Rolling Stones. “We didn’t have a hangover because we didn’t sleep at all!“ – remembered Carrie.

Billy Bob Thornton

In Bad Santa (2003), the actor was not very good! “In the morning I drank three glasses of red wine, then switched to vodka with juice, then beer. I didn’t always remember that I was on the set!”