Famous widowers: men who lost loved ones

Liam Neeson

In 2009, his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, was injured while skiing in a ski resort. At first, the woman did not pay attention to this, but soon she became ill and fell into a coma. Doctors admitted that if the actress had asked for help earlier, she could probably have been saved. And in this case, the doctors were powerless and were forced to disconnect the woman from the life support apparatus.


Keanu Reeves

In 1998, the actor met Jennifer Syme. A romance began between the young people, soon Reeves found out that he would become a father, but due to a blood clot in the umbilical cord, the desired child was born dead. After a little while, at night, returning from a party, Syme got into a car accident. She lost control of the car, rammed the parked cars, and died.

Pierce Brosnan

With his first wife, Cassandra Harris, the actor met in 1978 and soon proposed to her. The lovers were happy with each other, but after five years trouble knocked on their house: Cassandra was diagnosed with cancer. Pierce was spending all the fees on her treatment, but the miracle did not happen.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney met his first wife when he was the lead singer of the legendary band The Beatles. A couple of years after the first meeting, the lovers got married and moved to the farm. The happy couple, it would seem, had everything to live long and joyfully: three children, money, and success. However, in an instant, happiness collapsed: Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. The woman struggled with the disease for three years, but could not win.