The Simpsons and Russia: Top 5 Russian Celebrities that Appeared in the Simpsons

The popular animated sitcom The Simpsons had a lot of cameos. Celebrity guest stars have been a staple of the show. Over the years, there were plenty of Russian characters in The Simpsons. Here are the most popular ones!

Mikhail Gorbachev

The first and the last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, appears in the episode of The Simpsons called Two Bad Neighbors (the thirteenth episode of season seven). He visits the mansion of former US President George W. Bush. Gorbachev witnesses a fight between Homer Simpson and Bush. The ex-president of the United States had to apologize to his neighbor in front of the Russian politician. Critics would later call this episode “the new level of political satire.”

Vladimir Lenin

In the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons’ ninth season, Homer joins the Naval Reserve after getting fired from the nuclear plant. He unintentionally pilots the submarine into Russian waters. As a result, he creates a political schism between Russia and the United States. It turns out that the Soviet Union still exists. The Berlin Wall rises from the ground, Soviet tanks appear on the streets and Vladimir Lenin rises from his tomb in Moscow to crush capitalism.

Lenin also appeared in the 20th episode of the 24th season of The Simpsons (2013).

Vyacheslav Kozlov

In the 5th episode of the 14th season, Russian hockey player Vyacheslav Kozlov gives Lisa Simpson his own club in gratitude for a useful tip. However, the gift turns out to be terrible. Later in the episode, termites came out of the club and ate the Simpsons house.

Vladimir Putin

In the promotional video for the 28th season of The Simpsons (2016), Homer is sent to vote for the new president. In the line, he talks to a stranger who argues in favor of Donald Trump (“he will make Russia great again”). The stranger turns out to be Vladimir Putin, who drives out of the voting booth on horseback with a naked torso. The segment is followed by footage of a new Trump casino being built on the site of the Kremlin.

Pussy Riot

The 18th episode of the thirtieth season (2019) mocks the feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Three sixth-graders recruit Bart into their Bossy Riot movement. The four wear multi-colored masks and participate in scandalous performances. In the final scene, Bart makes peace with his old friends and comes to the conclusion that “the girls do not envy boys at all.”

These are just some of the cameos. Overall, Russian celebrities and culture appeared in the series at least 15 times.